Collection Tractor



Inspired from the 1971 iconic tractor seat but updated for the 21st century by the young designer Amaury Poudray, the Revival answers to contemporary evolutions regarding ergonomy, morphology and usage, while staying faithful to the traditional production process that made the original tractor seat successful.

With a wide metal seat and a very comfortable cushion, the Revival comes in 2 options of backseat, one garnished (Revival model) and the other fully metallic (Revival Two), while remaining ergonomic.

Its height is adjustable and it is customizable to your identity or your brand through a metallic plate mounted on the floor by the footrest.


Tractor Collection

  • Flat base with anti-skid cloth pad
  • Steel structure with epoxy paint
  • Crib-shaped steel seat epoxy paint with high density foam cushion.
  • Steel footrest flat iron with steel plate customizable MIRIMA.
  • Optional, customizable plate to your brand or your identity.
  • Height adjustable by gas jack from 48 to 68cm.



    In steel, oblong-shaped fixed to the seat and garnished of high density foam.

    In steel epoxy paint with an elevated shape ergonomic making it into one part fixed to the seat.