History of Mirima

Created in 1958 by three doctors.

MIRIMA was born in the region of Lyon, France, at the initiative of three doctors who sought to answer to specific demands and needs for technical, adjustable seats in the medical and paramedical realm.

Since its inception, MIRIMA has been renowned for technical innovation and its ability to respond to specific needs, while adding esthetics and creativity to the products.

In 1959, MIRIMA obtained a patent for its telescopic mechanical system that the company is still to this day the only one to use, and which contributes to its success and notoriety. This jack allows to respond to special, non-standard work needs that require a very precise adjustment and adapted to the use.

These systems, under a 15 years warranty, are entirely custom-made in our factory, according to the user’s needs.

MIRIMA makes all of its products in its factory in the outskirt of Lyon, France. It is very important for this family-size company to contribute to the local economic life by partnering with nearby suppliers, in order to better answer to any of his customers’ demands in a timely-manner.

The company takes special care in choosing its raw materials and components.

Its most unique savoir-faire is the ability of working metal together with wood, polyurethane, vinyl and other materials.

Mirima also knows how to adapt the products to expectations and the evolutions of professional practices, but also how to conceive entirely customized and personalized products.

  • Fabrication artisanale
  • Fabricant de mobilier
  • Manufacture
  • Fabricant mobilier
  • Fabricant tabouret